Part IX: Water

Water is the most precious commodity for life giving qualities and we can see its importance in Creation. Whether you read a modern version of the Bible, the King James Version or indeed direct from the Jewish Torah, the picture is the same. No land had been formed at the beginning of Creation; there was only the Spirit of God and…Water

Dry land, vegetation, animals, people all came through Jesus from water. Put another way, everything is born through water, which is significant when you think of baptism. When being baptised we are submerged in water where we ‘die’ through the act of stopping breathing. Then we are re-born as we emerge from the water. New Life. It is the same water as the water that was in Creation, so we are able, under God’s Instruction, to use the same water He used to make everything to create our own new lives in acceptance of Jesus.

The Earth is practically all water; in fact if we could level all the land into one flat surface there is enough water to cover the whole globe by a depth of nearly two miles!

And everything on the Earth has high water content, including us. The Earth is 71% water; we in turn are 60% water (slightly less if female). Our brains are 73% water, our lungs 83%, our skin 64% and our muscles & kidneys 79%. Water is an incredible substance made by God, it is vital for life.

Eden was given life by way of an incredible water source from God, one that duly went onto feed 4 great rivers as noted from biblical Scripture. And so water is prevalent at the end as Revelation declares “And whosever will, let him take the water of life freely” KJV Rev 22:17