Fossilised Bubbles

Fossilised bubbles from the shallow seas of a young Earth have been found. Nothing wrong with that except that these bubbles are dated as old as an incredible 1.6 billion years! The problem here is that the oceans are only 30 million years old at best. Apparantly. This is because the sediment on the ocean floor averages about half a mile deep. If the oceans were billions of years old then the sediment layers would today range up to 18 miles high  They don't. Anywhere.

Looking back into the age of the Earth where we use such vast numbers, errors in calculations might be made, after all, nobody was around billions of years ago so we do have to trust our dating techniques. If we were twice as far out in our sums or treble the amount out, then we would become pretty unconfident in the arithmetic. The differences here are over 50 times out of kilter!

Why Are Whales & Dolphins Killing Themselves?

Whales and Dolphins unexpectedly and unexplainably beach themselves (Cetacean stranding) a weird behaviour that is becoming noticeably more frequent. These graceful creatures die through the weight of their own bodies crushing them when they are stranded out of the water.
Although we think them dim compared to our high intellect, they are nonetheless quite clever in their own right, far too clever to deliberatle kill themselves. Yet this is what they are doing. And there is a growing field of thought that they are in fact not only very intelligent but are compassionately sending out a warning to us. A warning which is costing them their lives. A pointer to us of our own future fate and of the impending catastrophic worldwide events about to befall the Earth.
Out of all the prophecies from the Bible that warn us as to what to look for as a sign when the End Of Days is drawing near, mass deaths by the oceans mammals is not one of the major ones ever highlighted - but it is there all the same, in Hosea for example. The recent horrific scenes in New Zealand and the very odd happenings off the Cornish coasts in England typify the sudden increase of ocean tragedies. Some will put it all down to pollution but this explanation is pretty light on factual forethought. Many other species are also caught up outside of the seas even though it is pretty clear that other species are not exactly killing themselves to give us a warning, like Whales & Dolphins are, maybe sea-lions too judging by some extraordinary mass beachings.
Alarmingly, when you look deeper into the phenomenon, further facts are revealed regarding awful and mystifying deaths within the animal kingdom. It is well known that many chickens, turkeys, hens and birds are dying from different plagues but thousands of cattle are dying around the world in mysterious ways too. Freshwater fish are suddenly dying in various lakes and rivers. In fact all life from jellyfish to antelopes from monkeys to ducks, from bats to snails are affected, even the busy little bumble bee is undergoing sudden mass deaths.
Just look it up, its all here in black and white. And it is just as we have been warned.
In addition, it is supposed that two-thirds of wild animals will be extinct within the next 10 years

Gravity Waves

LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) detected gravity signals in a waveform as predicted by Einstein in his famous work relating to a theory about general relativity 100 years ago. The discovery captured the attention of headline writers and rightly so. It made me wonder what kind of headlines would be produced if Jesus returned anytime soon, something predicted (by Himself) some 2000 years ago!

So does this latest discovery from science detract from a God made Universe? Doubtful, the Creator made gravity waves in the first place. Although there is no need to go into all the scientific data here I would encourage a read up on it all, it’s fascinating to say the least. Yet why do some, in the face of great scientific breakthroughs, use a new leap in our understanding of the Universe as an excuse to downgrade the theory that a Creation of all matter occurred from an Act of God?

It is often awkward to be positioned to criticise findings by science as a continued foray into science bashing, by believers, can show to the secular world that the only way of really proving there is a God is to condemn or denounce science discoveries as they come along. In this instance both sides of the debate would have a clear error in judgement. Anyone who believes in God should embrace science not repel it. And a sceptic should realise that nobody can prove the real existence of God, it is a rule of statute as laid down by God Himself.

So this is not a critical retort to the discovery of Gravity Waves, why should there be any censure, there is no sense in disapproving something just because of an unprofessional viewpoint. The criticism is had here due to the nature of inference that comes about when any breakthrough is published, an implication that rides on the back of scientific advances, which is called derision. Progress in any of the sciences is often if not always used to clarify that there is no God.

Such thinking is not a good observational platform.

Faith in God is of little use if it is not operational in someone’s life. Likewise, science is of modest use unless it too is operational. For example Big Bang speculation is not operating science, as it is not something we can repeat or even observe because we cannot see other universes being made. The surveillance of gravity waves is supposed to give some real evidence that there was a Big Bang, yet it is not a definitive step for that theory; the whole precept is based on circumstantial evidence anyhow.

Always be aware that there is and always will be an overabundance of guesswork involved in these areas of cosmology, which will always have alternative contradictory explanations by rival scientists. And if it is truly found to be that phenomena such as gravity waves are perfectly matched for our laws of physics, then this only serves further to show the delicate and elegant handiwork designed from our Intelligent and Perfect God.




End Of The World Was So Near!

The Doom-Mongers Of 2012 Were Nearly Right!

In Revelation, the start of the end of the world is described by the sounding of Trumpets. The First Trumpet that will sound is detailed in Rev 8:7.

“The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood and it was hurled down upon the Earth. A third of the Earth was burned up and all the green grass was burned up”.

Sounds pretty bad, I don’t know about you but I hope I am in the Rapture beforehand!

So could such a thing happen? Err yep. In fact it almost did, in 2012 of all years, just when many predicted the end of the world. Hollywood even made a film called 2012, how near to the mark were they!

The way, scientifically, the statement from Scripture could happen, would be by way of a solar hit from our Sun. It is not unusual for the Sun to discharge huge bursts of material from its surface. However it is much more rare for such a discharge to come directly towards the Earth and even if it did, the Earth is then protected by a magnetic field. But what if a solar attack happened that was so strong that it got through our Earth defences.

The first thing a fireball from the Sun would do is hit Earth with an enormous pressure wave, which would immediately peel away a section of the Earth’s top atmospheric layer (Ionosphere). There are five layers in our atmosphere and the top one, which is called the Exosphere would be suddenly breached. Such a huge fireball as this is known as a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and would have a temperature of 6000°C, more than 10,000°F. The only protection we have from a CME is the Earth’s magnetic field, yet this alone could not cope, especially as it has weakened by as much as ten times in strength over the last few years (another sign in the heavens of the End Times). By splitting open or as declared in Isaiah, by peeling away the upper layers of atmosphere, including the Thermosphere and Mesosphere, Outer Space would touch the Stratosphere, which is where our thin inner Ozone Layer defences float.

If the Stratosphere came into direct contact with Space, huge ice crystals would form, creating mega sized ice rocks or gigantic hailstones. As this terrible pressure wave of pure plasma fire mixed with cutting monster hailstones powered its way through the Stratosphere any aircraft flying around would vaporise. There are hundreds of thousands of planes in the air at the same time around the world. Therefore there are millions of people in the air at any given moment on any given day.

As the pressure wave plunged through the Troposphere, all birds and any flying insects would all be destroyed in an instant. As the CME eventually hit the Earth, all oxygen would be expended and all the trees, grass and everything would be seared, scorched to disintegration.

“The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood and it was hurled down upon the Earth. A third of the Earth was burned up and all the green grass was burned up” Rev 8:7.

People surviving in the remaining part of the Earth would testify to nature (or science) proving the Bible correct, however they would all be blasted back into the Stone-Age. The scary thing is that this almost happened but NASA in their wisdom kept it a secret for over two years. A CME missed the Earth by just one week.

A warning shot?


Water On Mars!

The latest news from Outer Space is that scientists are now convinced that water is to be found on Mars. There is evidence water is actually flowing during certain seasons within the Martian year. Great news for anyone wanting to go there, exciting news indeed. If there is flowing water on the planet then this may mean there could be life on Mars. If there is, will this mean we have to review our concept of God. The quick answer of course is no. Why should life on Mars have any bearing on our belief in God?

There are many other planets where we might discover life anyway, why should God be limited to Earth. God could Create a billion different life supporting planets in a billionth of a second. And probably has done. Yet the life variation and intelligence there is on Earth could be unique, though we may never be able to verify this. Finding bacteria or basic compounds is a world away from anything like finding and communicating with an intelligent extra-terrestrial or even any kind of semi-aware animal. The nearest planets (or moons), which might have a capacity to support some kind of life or vegetation are very limited in capabilities.

MARS: The possibilities for life on the Red Planet is quite well documented and down the years many films about Martians have entertained us. The real main problems with Mars are fourfold. (a) It is too far away from the Sun and therefore it is too cold, (b) it is too small and therefore does not have the strength to generate and keep a deep enough atmosphere to promote life (c) the planet cannot generate a magnetic field of sufficient power to deflect cosmic radiation enough to protect any budding life forms and finally (d) it does not have the water needed to produce life, as we know life. Any water, which we may find on Mars, would be far too salty to be of any use anyway. Also and by contrast, if you went to the most remote and icy regions on Earth the ground would still give up good evidence of life because of the sheer richness of the soil, but on Mars not so much, if anything.

Despite exciting claims being made now and again, the fact is that so far, no life or any kind of microorganisms has been found. In fact we have not seen any water either. Mars is on the whole a dead planet. Recent claims that there is potential proof of liquid water is one thing, flowing water though would be much more exciting. Humans could live on Mars but only in the most stringent of environments with deployed protective bubbles. It is unlikely that we could stay there for very long. Unfortunately any kind of space travel is exasperatingly implausible; whatever brilliant films Hollywood may produce. NASA works tirelessly on creating the conditions for us to go to a planet such as Mars but without any real success or progress. They hope to launch a manned mission within our generation and maybe as soon as 2030. However there are no solutions on the table to get people back (if they got there at all) and none that answers the killer problems of solar radiation, none to address recycling, waste, energy, food or water needs (none that are realistic or sensible) and in fact we can’t even work out how we would land on Mars if we managed to get into orbit. These problems are all unanswered – totally – and are only the tip of the iceberg. The most common statement you will see regarding these issues is words to the effect of “NASA is working on the problem”. Yet they cannot answer just one of the problems. It is not that the people at NASA are incompetent because they are some of the cleverest people in the human race. The problems are insurmountable because of the huge distance, the huge costs and impenetrable obstacles for the protection of people’s lives. However, if we do manage to go anywhere, I suspect it will be to Mars. But can you imagine how many multiple times greater it would be to overcome problems for any venture further away than Mars?



EUROPA: This globe is in fact a moon. It is in orbit around the colossal planet Jupiter. There is much more chance of life on Europa believe it or not than there is for life on Mars. Europa is a water world. However, because Europa is just so far away from the Sun it means it is also an ice world. What’s so intriguing about Europa is that the liquid water underneath its frozen surface is subject to tidal surges, due to the proximity of Jupiter and if the tidal flows are strong enough they may create heat. This is why there is so much excitement over the chance of flowing water on Mars. Any warmth generated by flowing water on either Mars or Europa would help keep any living organisms alive. Unfortunately life is still pretty unlikely on either globe and, even if life is found, it would only probably be bacteria.

Europa could yield basic vegetation because of its giant Mother Planet but for sure there is certainly no life of any intelligence on Europa that could communicate with us. This moon is so cold, so wide open to the rigours of the Sun’s radiation and subject to such huge forces emanating from Jupiter, we can surely declare that any chance of us ever going there to explore is remote in the very extreme.


GANYMEDE: Ganymede is the biggest moon in the solar system, it’s even bigger than the planet Mercury. Like Europa it is one of the moons of Jupiter but it is so big it is a wonder we don’t refer to it as a planet in its own right. If Jupiter was warm and radiated enough heat then this orbiting world would probably support life in abundance. If our research is correct then it appears to have a lot going for it regarding the prospect of living matter being somewhere about its surface but, there is one major obstacle. Ganymede is stone cold. This reason alone is enough to conclude that life there has quite an impossibly small chance.



TITAN: Titan, the second biggest moon in the solar system really is quite fascinating and a bit puzzling because it is covered all over by a very thick orange haze. There is a good chance of liquid water here but firstly that water would not be like the water we know, Titan’s water would be very toxic and also secondly, any water is probably sealed so deep under the crust of the moon that it would not have any access to the Sun and that means life would be unlikely. Even if there is some contact with the Sun’s rays, Titan is actually a moon orbiting Saturn, which is a planet even more distant from the warmth of the Sun than Jupiter is.



VENUS: If I had to choose one place where life might be present in a weak bacterial or vegetation form, it would be on the planet Venus. But then what do I know! This world is the closest in size to the Earth, which is why many call it our sister planet, plus it is hot rather than being too cold and I think this is of a slight benefit.

Venus is unfortunately too close to the Sun for humans to tolerate, in fact on its surface the temperature is likely to be hot enough to melt lead. Probes sent there do not survive for long if even for a moment, not just because of the intense heat but because of the pressure as well. Venus would absolutely destroy a human if we ever tried to land there, no matter what protection we had, the incredibly dense atmosphere is thoroughly hostile. It snows metal and rains sulphuric acid.

However, Venus is also intensely mysterious as it is covered in deep thick clouds that yields little information to us about its ground level terrain. It is within this mystery where some life elements may be avoiding detection; maybe even within those cloud formations where many scientists believe life is possible because at around 40 miles high the conditions are the most Earth-like in the whole of our Solar System.

And that folks is about it. My best tip is the planet Venus for some basic biological life but alas, no intelligent Venusians to talk to; oh and Venus spins the wrong way!

Plus we must appreciate the fact that Mars obsesses us, so that is where we will go; if we can.

More Proof Of Biblical Accuracy

So much of Scripture, laughed at in the past, is being shown to be factually correct year on year. The speeding up of technology, the place of the Earth in the Universe, evolutionary devotion, order of interstellar bodies, DNA and so on, the list is becoming a constant stream. All stuff that we had written knowledge of in front of our eyes in the pages of the Bible but just could not see it. We still don't most of the time. How could ancient peoples have known about this modern science, they could not have, yet they still recorded what was probably nonsense to them, faithfully and diligently.

Worldwide evidence screams out to us that there was a worldwide Flood and now even the seas themselves declare it. NASA's Aquarius satellite, scanning the world's oceans for new data about the movement of water and sea life have discovered complicated patterns in ocean currents. On the surface we can easily note that currents are driven by winds but down in the depths where water is much denser, other factors come into play, such as cooler temperatures, salt concentrations and the distribution of organisms vital to food chains, climate control and with it vital springs arising from the Earth's sea bed. These springs have only just been discovered. Springs like these, in full force, could easily have assisted in creating a worldwide Flood, along with the gigantic Canopy of water held above the Earth, at a Signal from God. Remember there was no rain before the Flood.

Also be aware that God, not nature, has always assured the world's ocean currents of the movement of water. Yet, apart from Psalm 8:8, we are only just realising that the springs in the oceans of the world are not a new discovery, they are only a new discovery for science. We already had it written in Scripture in Job 38:16 "Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth?"

No one of that time could really have known what God actually meant, not fully. But it was recorded nontheless. And now we can appreciate it.

Once again science has caught up with Scripture.

And once again, us human-beings shut our eyes and modern science misses Original Knowledge.

And is it not odd that much debate is made about how there was probably great planetwide floods on the Planet Mars many billions of years ago due to the great mountain ranges and deep valleys. Yet not a drop of water has been found on Mars. Back home, the secular world will do everything it can to make us accept that our planet has never had a worldwide flood. YET 71% of the Earth is covered in water!



War In The Middle East

31. May, 2015


The conflict in the Middle East seems to get worse year on year. The whole situation appears quite bleak, not only for the minority faiths in the area but for the Islamic world too. Muslims seem to be fighting any human-beings they can lay their hands on, especially it appears if they are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Yazidi, Buddhist or a rival sect. Yes they are also fighting each other, i.e. Sunni-Shia-Peshmerga-Zoroastrian-Druze etc. So the whole theatre of the region is extremely complicated.

Beyond all our concerns though, perhaps we should concentrate the most on the threat that is posed to the nation of Israel. According to Scripture, Israel is in dire trouble. It will take Jesus Christ no less, returning with all His Saints (the Church) to intervene to save Israel.

To save Israel?

Israel needing to be saved is quite different to Israel being under threat. Israel is under threat all the time but can defend herself.

The most serious danger to the Jewish state is likely to come from either a Muslim nation or a combined Muslim force of several nations. Israel is unlikely to be threatened by any Christian or Hindu country. But even such a combined Muslim force would probably be seen off quite well by the Israeli forces. Therefore any kind of Israel extinction scenario would have to involve at least one aggressor with nuclear capabilities. But even then, Israel has its own nuclear arsenal ready to counter such a peril.

For Israel to be in a situation where it needed to actually be saved from total destruction, there would have to be a cutting away of one of its levels of defence. A loss of a vital defence barrier would then give an advantage to an invasion force.

If Jesus Christ is to come back with His Church, it stands to reason that He will first need to take them. This is what is known as the Rapture.

Jesus will Rapture His Church from the world, then in quick succession turn this huge Air-Force towards Earth and annihilate the armies approaching Israel, which by the way may turn out not to be Muslim.

Again, why would Israel need saving? Well it will be because of the Rapture.

Currently we have the Holy Spirit shielding the Earth but at the very instant of the Rapture, the Holy Spirit will be removed from our planet and so a vital shelter for the protection of Israel will also disappear.

Israel will then become self-aware of the Messiah and a huge revival, a wave of awakening, will engulf the Jewish peoples. Yet just as they turn to their Ultimate Defender Jesus Christ, an Antichrist will reveal himself. This will be the only moment the Antichrist will be free to come to the attention of the world, anytime sooner would be fruitless as he would be immediately destroyed, he is no match for the Holy Spirit.

The Antichrist will be a huge risk to Jews, Israel would be up against a foe more powerful than any nuclear enemy.

Keep your eyes on the Middle East.

Blood cells from Tyrannosaurus Rex. Arrows show branching red microstructures

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Finds

24. May, 2015

Real Questions Over Age Of Dinosaurs

Paleontologist Mary Higby Schweitzer discovered the remains of soft tissue in the leg of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The problem for science is that tissue and indeed blood cells disintegrate far quicker than bones. After millions of years no traces of soft tissue whatsoever should be discovered, it is absolutely impossible, only bone fragments should remain. One explanation given is that iron was present in the bone and so the iron has somehow preserved everything. Maybe. But after 150 million years?

And since that particular discovery, many other such finds are being revealed all over the place (because we are now actively looking for them) including a massive find in China.

Kind regards

terence foster