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At its worst, free will can lead to catastrophe. There are four groups of catastrophe or where things go wrong. They are natural disasters, accident and tragedy, personal heartache and disease. A common attack on people that believe in God is to question how could God allow such suffering in the world, how could God stand to one side and just watch as terrible disasters unfold. A blasé reply to these attacks is to just say that none of it is the fault of God and it is the devil that is doing it. This is not a comfortable retort and leaves a lot to be desired, not least the fact that God made the devil. So again, why does God allow catastrophe?

Natural Disasters

History is littered with the catastrophic cost in human lives due to such things as earthquakes, tsunami's and volcanic eruptions to name just three. Why did God make a planet that is constantly developing these threats to the safety of life? If God didn't make the Earth, such a question doesn't arise but if He did then what can we say about this issue. Society is imperfect due to the culture of sinning, which is not just by being disrespectful to God but by also being quite evil to each other. An imperfect society will get an imperfect world and conversely a perfect society will make for a perfect world. The balance of the latter was the intention of God. 


It is horrible news when a plane crashes or if someone gets killed when trying to do a good deed. Accidents and tragedies come about in so many unexpected and sudden ways. A train collision, a car accident, someone falling off a cliff and similar happenings or leave you with the question as to why, especially if someone you know is involved. Would it be that hard for God to save someone or to just create some extra airflow to let the plane land safely? Actually it would be difficult because God would then have to constantly suspend the laws of physics to avert accidents. And it would also probably lead to people nonchalantly walking in front of buses knowing that there was no danger, as God would save them.

 Personal Heartache

No matter what you might say under the two headings above and the one below, if personal heartache is involved, then coming to terms with any disaster, accident or disease and trying to square that with a Loving God is extremely difficult. Having to go through the pain of having a loved one innocently suffer, be attacked or get killed is abhorrent, no matter what circumstances may have led to it. Recently here in England, there was an appalling accident at a theme park where young people had life-changing injuries. There is little that can be said of comfort to the sufferer or to the family involved in a case when somebody has had their life badly changed. It is a travesty at how many innocent people, including many children, suffer whilst a good many evil people seem to live on unharmed.

The perception that we have a God but also have personal heartache at the same time is an area, which ought to be addressed. It is one thing to talk about our origins and then encourage us to believe that our beginnings came from God, another to do all that and still accept heartache as part of the package. However, this subject really is far too delicate to be properly and thoroughly analysed within our thesis on Creation. It would be grossly insensitive and unforgivably flippant to address such a topic within but a few explanatory notes. Nonetheless, with the greatest respect and with enormous sympathy, understanding and tenderness, a few words of insight should be offered here, even if just for the purposes of looking at God as a Creator, One that is deemed to be a Loving Creator. Yet at the same time my thoughts here are not to justify, make sense or to give a reason as to why any dreadful horror should occur or should ever occur. Personal heartache stretches faith to the limit and it can break. God understands this.

The reminder I cautiously give is that we must not forget that these things are happening anyway. When something terrible happens many will blame God, even atheists will, extraordinary as that may sound. The fundamental cry is one that questions as to how a God can exist yet allow horrible things to happen. However, if God did not exist the horrible incident would still happen.[1]

Without God a natural disaster is what it is, an accident. Disease will still happen whether by human error, bad luck or infection. Again, a lot revolves around free will. Without God we have an unchecked free will system, one not contained by our own human morality and dignity. Of course we can draw up guidelines for morality and dignity but it is easy to see such codes being breached on a regular basis. With God there is an ultimate account for our actions.

Without God the plane crash will still happen and the loss of loved ones will be mourned and great sorrow will engulf those affected.

With God the plane crash will still happen and the loss of loved ones will be mourned and great sorrow will engulf those affected but, crucially, with God we have hope because with God there is more to existence that what science can reveal.

Sometimes things happen that seem to be such a waste of human life, especially if life is lost through a completely unintentional mistake or accident, or by a random killing. It is also almost impossible to accept any reasons as to why an injury should happen that is so damaging that it is life-changing, especially under the umbrella of a Loving God. It is so hard to then answer the question of why.

Without any God though, such questions will often be answered with a stuff happens kind of conclusion. Alternatively, with God, we will eventually get real answers and by real answers that means good answers, satisfying answers and answers that deliver. Answers from God will deliver a fulfilling of the heart and that is our hope and our faith. With God we can be assured that our grief, whether for a day, a year, a decade or a lifetime, is only temporary. With God we will be forever satisfied within an eternal realm.

Our grief on Earth can almost be declared as momentary[2]. Having said that, I know from personal experience what might be momentary in an eternal setting is downright punishing when living a life brushed with grief, pain and anguish.


This is a nasty category of life. The simple answer of course is that we brought disease on ourselves at the moment of Adam’s original sin. In spite of this though we do have two areas of control, one is in the healing powers of those with a healing gift and the other is in medicine where we have made great advances in combating debilitating afflictions. Whether we will ever be able to eradicate all disease is highly debateable and even if we did, there would still remain the disease of the mind, which compels us towards bad acts against fellow man, or woman.

It is erroneous to generalise over the deep heartache and suffering that many endure by attributing such difficulties in life to one man (Adam) who sinned. It is of no comfort whatsoever to say things are down to the Will of God either, so there must be a deeper connection with the Universe that is causing if you like ‘bad luck’. This connection could be the link of chance or the link of coincidence or the link of chaos, unpredictability and randomness.

However, if you can maintain faith that God is in Control, then you have an assurance that any personal hell you endure will be replaced eventually with a Divine Blessing and this does give some slight stability when grief collapses the circle of life you are living in. It is easy to offer these thoughts of course during comfortable times but it is a lot harder to hold such reflections when life is tough. And where is God during the tough times?

I can recommend a good poem called ‘Footprints’ but, for a practical hold, maybe we should think about the Divinity of God. Our Heavenly Father shares our grief in times of great upset, His Spirit yearns that we seek Him during these moments so that He can become a Comforter for us.

And because Jesus took on everyone’s combined pain in one hit, at the Cross, true redress can be achieved and yes, all wounds can be healed. And the great thing is that all healing will last for an eternity.

Remember, there will be no tears of sorrow in Heaven, so if you are lucky enough to get there, then any pain, distress or grief you have or are experiencing will disappear in ways that are wholeheartedly personal to you, ways that will make you so joyous you will want to just sing to God forever and a day. This is faith in God.

Alas, there are those who cannot share this philosophy, they believe the Universe came about through dead mechanisms and that life is just short hard momentary sections divided up in murmurs of time.

So the question is always going to be asked as to whether God is truly real. Maybe, in some small way, this website might assist in answering such a question but at a distance behind a good read of the Bible, an effort to obtain a personal relationship with our Creator and, having a good Church Minister for advice.

God Bless 

[1] A terrorist attack might be deemed to happen only because of religion, but even here the terrorist could just be using God as an excuse in order to carry out an atrocity.

[2] 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 


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